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S1E2 - Episode 2 - The Poutine Chronicles ft. 180 Sisterhood Productions

Episode 2 - The Poutine Chronicles

This week on Pop Culture Addicts we talk with two cool Canucks. Thats right two awesome ladies from the Great White North! Ok , if you havent caught on yet - they are from Canada. Rebeka Herron and Trish Rainone from 180 Sisterhood productions join us. We have a great discussion about backgrounds and how they got into the film making business. We talk about gender bias in a typically male driven world, and what they do to work through those bias' when they find them. We also talk about where the name 180 Sisterhood comes from, why Poutine is so freaking amazing ... and did I forget anything? Oh yeah, they have a freaking awesome podcast called "Drunk Read Thrus", a podcast where Rebeka and Trish drink some flavorful adult beverages and read some old scripts. Its highly entertaining and worthy of your subscription. Speaking of subscribing, don't forget to subscribe to Pop Culture Addicts while your at it... thanks a bunch! For more information on 180 Sisterhood Productions, please visit - Website - http://180sisterhood.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/180sisterhood Instagram - @180sisterhood Basically - just google search 180 Sisterhood Productions, you can't miss

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12 days ago

S1E1 - Episode 1 - The Tiger Queen ft. Carole Baskin

The Tiger Queen ft. Carole Baskin

In 2020, you more than likely were part of over 64 Million households that watched the Netflix Docudrama called "Tiger King". And if you didn't watch it, then probably you heard about it on the internet, as it seemed that everyone was talking about it non-stop there. When it was done, Joe Exotic was a minor celebrity and Carole Baskin was being crucified on the internet as a villain. We all know what happened to Joe Exotic after the show was done, and might even read this from his prison cell. He'll have plenty of time over the next 15 or so years before he can apply for release for his murder for hire plot against Carole. But what about Carole? Thats where this podcast picks up. We talk with Carole about her life after Joe Exotic and the airing of the Tiger King. We talk about how she overcame it, how she moved past thousand and thousands of death threats. We talk about why she went on Dancing with the Stars and what she hoped to gain from that. ANd lastly we talk about the work to stop Big Cat breeding and cub/kitten petting at these Tiger and Lion Farms all over the United States, and why this legislation is so very important. She wants to put herself out of business ... find out why.

For more on Carole Baskin, please visit the following - @BigCatRescue on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and her website - https://bigcatrescue.org/big-cat-act/

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