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S1E23 - Episode 23 - First Stop, Big Sky ft. Dedee Pfeiffer

3 months ago

First Stop, Big Sky ft. Dedee Pfieffer

This week we talk with Dedee Pfeiffer, star of the hit ABC series Big Sky. We talk about her long career in movies such as Frankie and Johnnie, Falling Down and The All Nighter, and TV shows like Cybill, Friends, Seinfeld, ER and Supernatural. Not to mention that she put herself back through school to receive a Masters Degree in Social Work and a bachelors in Psychology as well. So many cool topics to talk about. We hope you enjoy our time with Dedee just as much as we did!

For more on Dedee Pfeiffer - please visit the following IMDb - Search Dedee Pfeiffer Instagram - @dedeepfeifferofficial

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