Pop Culture Addicts

S1E25 - Episode 25 - Jeff Has a Podcast ft. Jeff Dwoskin

2 months ago

Jeff Has a Podcast ft. Jeff Dwoskin

Hey! Did you know that Jeff Dwoskin has a podcast? If not, you should! Jeff is a social media expert, stand up comedian and in fact, a podcaster. We talk about his work in life before he began is podcast and how that lead him to podcasting. We also talk a bit about his show "LIVE from Detroit! The Jeff Dwoskin Show" and his other show, which is an extension of LIVE from Detroit, called "Crossing the Streams." Be sure to check those out and be sure to subscribe ... oh yeah, and make sure you hear the great story about when he was working for Little Caesars Pizza and the Digiorno issue ...

For more information on Jeff Dwoskin - Website - https://jeffisfunny.com/

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